Photomarathons have taken place around the world – from Beirut to Berlin, New York to Nairobi, Stockholm to Sydney. Now, Sheffield's joined in the fun.

Photomarathon Sheffield is a photography competition unlike any other. It’s more of a photographic adventure, challenging entrants to take 6 photos on 6 given topics in 6 hours.

No set route. No need to run, or even walk, fast. You just need a digital camera or smartphone, and a keen eye.

Entrants get a badge, discounts at a number of independent cafes on the day, and chance to win great prizes.

After the event, a photo by each entrant will go into an exhibition, showing one day in the life of a city from hundreds of different perspectives.


The second Photomarathon Sheffield took place on Saturday 7 October 2017.

Still need convincing?

Here's what some past photomarathoners said about their day:

"Really makes you pay attention to your surroundings and great fun way to get some exercise in!!”

“A lovely way to take some time to explore Sheffield without rushing from one place to another.”

“It was a good challenge to submit unedited photos. Made me think more carefully about taking the photos.”

“Brilliant day. Not as scary as I thought. Saw Sheffield in a different light. Discovered lots of new things.”

Photomarathon Sheffield is organised by Our Favourite Places, with lots of support from the fine folk at Harrison Cameras and Museums Sheffield.